Douglas Greenberg

President of Pacific Northwest Advisory, a Portland, Oregon-based consulting firm

About Me

PNWA (Pacific Northwest Advisory) was formed by Douglas Greenberg, who spent nearly three decades as a top financial advisor before starting his own firm in Portland, Oregon. Businesses, executives, and individual investors turn to Greenberg and PNWA for highly personalized financial advice to protect their personal and business investments through coordinated financial investment plans that are aligned with comprehensive growth strategies. Greenberg and PNWA provide highly personalized financial advisory services to business owners, executives, and individual investors.

Douglas Greenberg works with a wide range of experts, including tax attorneys, certified public accountants (for tax preparation, mergers and acquisitions, and business valuation), estate planning attorneys, and investment bankers, to help clients plan for and protect their financial futures.

Services that he provides include business transition planning as well as investing, asset management, and retirement planning services. More than 29 years as a top financial advisor, as well as recognition from numerous leading financial publications, distinguish Greenberg in the industry as a professional with proven success in assisting business owners in preparing their businesses for sale, as well as assisting individuals in building and managing their assets.

As a result of Greenberg's upbringing and early career in a large family-owned business, as well as his extensive experience guiding owners of mid-tier companies ($10 million to $150 million in revenue) through the sale or transition of their businesses, he has developed a process that allows a business owner to fully understand the impact of a business sale before building a team. Douglas Greenberg is in charge of the critical component of ""filling in the gaps"" that is required to build a focused and dedicated team for the purpose of selling or preserving a firm.